Discover the Unique Historical and Geographical Wonders of Midway USA

In 1939, Kansas state’s own Edwards County became famous when its roadsign made the cover of The Saturday Evening Post and was nicknamed “Midway USA”. From the date of its publication, the location was recognized as the halfway point that stood at an equal distance from the East Coast state of New York and the West Coast state of San Francisco.


A Rich Tapestry of Historic Events

Edwards County has a winding history that spans the momentous triumphs and catastrophes from our establishment up to the present day. Our books chronicle the events of the First and Second World War, Dust Bowl Era, and Tractorcade, otherwise known as the American Agriculture Movement.


Close-Knit Community and Expansive Geography

We are home to 4 cities and roughly 2,800 residents who proudly celebrate rich traditions and milestones set by our ancestors long before us. Our location also encompasses three highways, connecting us to the north, south, east, and west U.S. regions.

Composed of Four Cities

Kinsley City is the largest city, county seat, and home to more than 1,350 residents. This is followed by Lewis City in the eastern part of the county with around 420 residents. The farthest eastern city is Belpre with less than 200 people, and finally, Offerle at the Western side of the county with more than 100 local inhabitants.

Explore Edwards County

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