County Clerk

The Various Tasks and Responsibilities of Our County Clerk

County Clerk


  • Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners

  • Records and maintains official minutes of meetings

  • Maintains all contracts with the County

  • Maintains the County Seal(s)

  • Attests the signatures of the County Commissioners on documents

  • Assists with vacation of County roads (K.S.A 68-102a)



  • Responsible for office budget(s)

  • Certifies that cash and budget are available to cover claims

  • Reviews and approves all claims for payment and issues 1099s

  • Keeps all financial reports of the County and other entities

  • Assists smaller taxing entities with budget preparation annually


  • Calculates July and November abstracts of valuation and taxation

  • Compiles and reports annual bonded indebtedness of the County

  • Prepares the tax roll in preparation of printing tax statements

  • Sets and certifies levies annually

  • Maintains special assessments to the tax roll

  • Processes abatements/additions and escapes to the tax roll

  • Assessment of sewer costs and placement on tax roll (K.S.A. 12-618)

  • Motor Vehicle Abstract Certification annually


Payroll/Human Resources (duties may vary by county)

  • Administers Payroll for all County employees

  • Maintains the benefits package for all County Employees

  • Reports and pays all employment taxes and insurance premiums

  • Issues W-2s for County employees

Voter Registration/Election (Chapter 25 of Kansas Statutes)

  • 101 of 105 County Clerks are also the County Election Officer (Johnson, Sedgwick, Shawnee and Wyandotte have appointed County Election Officer in addition to a County Clerk)

  • Maintains accurate Voter Registration Rolls

  • Collects filling fees for local candidates

  • Verifies signatures on petitions for candidates, question initiatives and recalls.

  • Recruits, appoints and trains board workers for all elections

  • Is responsible for all aspects of election: ballots, polling sites and equipment in accordance with federal, state and local laws and regulations

  • Maintains records of elections in official abstract



  • Sells licenses for the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks & Tourism

  • Sells moving permits, cereal malt beverage licenses and firework permits

  • Maintains fixed asset inventory for the County

  • Assists taxpayers annually with Homestead and Food Sales Tax refunds

  • Freedom of Information Officer for the County (in most counties)

  • Maintains all legal publications for County

  • Maintains all claims against the County

  • Maintains a map of all taxing units in the County and submits it annually to PVD, Appraiser and State Assessed Utilities

  • Provides “check and balance” to motor vehicle, general ledger and real and personal property from other offices by maintaining a separate set of records

  • Administers County policies as set by the County Commission

  • Handles bids/quotations

  • Notary Public for State of Kansas to conduct notarizations

  • Administers Oaths of Office and Swears-in Sheriff’s Deputies

  • Charter Resolutions filed with Secretary of State (K.S.A. 19-101b,c)

  • Inter-local Agreements filed with ROD, SOS after approved from KS AG (K.S.A. 12-2905-2905)

  • Private burial grounds-files suit against those who damage monuments and fencing at private burial grounds not otherwise provided for by will or deed (K.S.A. 17-1305)

  • If Sheriff and Undersheriff are no longer able to conduct duties of the office, County Clerk becomes acting Sheriff (K.S.A. 19-804a)

  • If Sheriff or Undersheriff cannot prevent a lynching, then the County Clerk assumes the duties of Sheriff (K.S.A. 19-825)

  • Vacation Restricted Access (K.S.A. 58-2613)